Wednesday, October 3, 2007

BellaVista Cloud Forest

BellaVista Cloud Forest Birthday 066 Just a few pictures from a semi-tropical rainforest only a little over an hour from Quito.BellaVista Cloud Forest Birthday 055 This waxy flower is called Inca's earring.BellaVista Cloud Forest Birthday 019 Less than 13 years ago the Land Reform act insisted that land owners develop 50% of their land or lose it.BellaVista Cloud Forest Birthday 002

Today this land is being returned to its natural state with eco-businesses popping up to share it with others.


Mariza said...

Hi Carl & Lydia,

Langley asked about you at squash and I forwarded him your blog link. It sounds like you're enjoying your Ecuator experience. Any problems with the language? Do many people speak English? Are you enjoying some interesting cuisine? How's Carl's teaching going? Lots of questions!!

Hope things are going well for you there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carl & Lydia!

I miss you guys!!! We are in the midst of a beautiful fall, the colors are at their peak right now!

We are all anxious to hear lots of details of your new life... How Does Carl like his school, Lydia, how goes the spanish and what are you spending your time on... how's the food? Do you feel accepted by the locals? Do you see many like yourselves?

I love all the photos, especially the one of the girl, llama and amazing background, it is a prize winner!

Take care & hugs to you! BryAnn